Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Not This Nazi One We Have Now"

Ms. Sarandon: In one of her saner moments
I love being a conservative. If I were a liberal, I would have to deal with such cringe-worthy moments from cause-celeb lefty whack-jobs like Susan Sarandon all the time.

According to a Fox News article, Ms. Sarandon dropped this doozy at a film festival in the Hamptons (Yes moonbat fleabaggers, where the GREEDY RICH people live!) this weekend. When referencing a book she had sent to the pope, she made this clarification. "The last one. Not this Nazi one we have now." It is reported that when actor Bob Balaban tried to dance around the comment, she repeated it AGAIN to the laughter of the audience.

Now devoted readers, you don't have to scroll back very far in your memories or on this blog to recall the beating Bocephus (Hank Williams Jr.) took from the left when he made an ANALOGY about a golf game between the president and the speaker of the house. In case you were incommunicato, he said that the golf game between Obama and Boehner was like a golf game between Hitler and Netanyahu. It was an ANALOGY. He didn't call Obama Hitler. If you recall, it cost him his gig with Monday Night Football.

I am sure that the outcry from the media and the left will be thunderous that she immediately be stripped of her academy award and exiled to North Korea. Supporting my hypothesis, is this quote from the Fox News article:
"Susan Sarandon has a reputation of saying things that are controversial. This statement is certainly right up there. But given her history I doubt it will harm her career," public relations expert Glenn Selig added. "While inflammatory and insulting to many, particularly Catholics, people know her as someone who speaks her mind. Being opinionated is part of what the public seems to like about her or choose to accept about her, even if they don't agree with her."

WOW! She'll probably need intensive therapy to recover from stinging recriminations like that.

I would also like to point out the glaring differences between the audience responses to Hank's comments versus Ms. Sarandon's. The Fox and Friends panel who may lefties would call right of Rush Limbaugh were put off and obviously uncomfortable with Hank's comments. Ms. Sarandon's audience laughed and applauded.

Occupy Wall Street couldn't have a better supporter.


  1. Susan Sarandon is an idiot. Therefore, every racist tool in a cowboy hat is hereby excused for every racist, idiotic utterance he has ever racistly uttered.

  2. Whoooooosh!

    Did you see the point going past you Bill?

    This was an examination of the different reactions to controversial comments. The outcry from the media and left over HWJ's analogy compared to the "Oh, that's just Susan being Susan!" reaction to her calling the pope a Nazi. Twice!

    A white conservative singer besmirches our Dear Leader and Armageddon is upon us. A lefty darling actress calls the pope a Nazi and it's "Tut, tut."

    And by the way, please explain to me how comparing the president to Hitler (a premise wtih which I disagree, by the way) is racist. It says the person making the commment isn't very fond of the president, but I don't see how it's racist. Looking at your wonderful tutorial on racism, I could find no Hitler/Obama combo cartoons. I guess because calling the comparison racist is ludicrous.

    I don't think you see the difference. Hank Williams Jr. could possibly be a racist.(Knowing his background I kind of doubt it, but it's possible.) That doesn't make every comment of his racist. To say that every comment is, is a logical fallacy.

    You really need to get that racist paranoia of yours looked at. There's not one under every bed Senator McCarthy.

  3. Geez Bill, Sahib and I thought having you around would result in fun and challenging conversations on all sorts of topics. Not so much. Turns out it's about as challenging (and less fun than) clubbing baby seals. "Squawk, conservatives are racists, Squawk" Seriously Bill, if you are going to play in the deep end of the pool you need to up your game.