Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please Don't Feed the OPM Addicts

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What is this thing you call "work" ?
On my way home from work....Wait, let's stop right there. For you Ocupato Mafia types currently befouling the streets and parks of our great nation, "work" means leaving your parent's basement early in the morning, going somewhere else and doing something that others value for many hours, then going back home to your family. In return for this "work", others who place value on your time, talents, and knowledge will compensate you financially. Cool huh?

Now that we are all on the same page, I was driving home from work yesterday listening to the local AM blatherfest. Caller Steve was talking to the pseudo-conservative show hosts. Poor Steve just couldn't understand why people raise such a fuss when their taxes go up. He claimed to have an income around $800,000 and to pay about $250,000 to the federal government this year. He "would gladly pay $280,000 if his taxes went up, just to support this great country". The hosts then asked Steve why he didn't just go ahead and send that extra 30K each year to support his beloved federal government. "Well", stammered Stevie, "it wouldn't do any good for just me to do that".

Steve is just like every career politician in Washington, hooked on OPM. Easy to spend, easy to steal, Other People's Money is the most addictive, most destructive substance in our country today. Just like tweakers and cokeheads, OPM addicts steal to support their habit. At least Mary Methhead has the decency to pilfer your stuff behind your back, OPM addicts are a little more brash. They can be seen on every media outlet in the country, clamoring for just another fix, just another few percentage points of your precious supply.

Well, you know what dude? I am all tapped out.

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