Thursday, September 13, 2012

Biden: Welcher as well as Plagiarist

I have this many Tootsie Rolls in my pocket!
There was a Fox News Story a couple of days ago about Smokin Joe Biden saying "male bovine excrement" at a recent campaign stop in Pennsylvania.  Having been an ardent Biden admirer for years, I thought "Why is this even a news story?  For Joe, this is a moment of incredible lucidity."  As I read further, I realized the author of the story missed a much more important point:  The vice president is not only a thinker of deep thoughts, orator of remarkable renown, and plagiarist, he is a welcher too!  Actually, the entire story is a perfect picture of the liberal politician thought processes.  I'll hit the highlights for you:

  • Joe drops in unannounced at a Shanksville (no, not a reference to Obama's golf game) Volunteer Fire Department's grill out session.  ~moocher
  • Joe was approached by Deputy Chief Brad Shober who showed him a challenge coin Joe had given him a year ago.  The coin Joe gave him came with the agreement that the next time they saw each other, whoever didn't have his coin had to by the beer.  ~empty promises
  • Of course, Joe didn't have his coin and guess what?  He didn't buy the beer! ~broken promises as well as being a welcher
  • Being caught without coin and refusing to honor his previous promise, he promises FUTURE beer if the guy and his buddies decide to drop by DC. ~Follows up broken empty promises, with more empty promises
Ahhhhhhh, liberal politicians... the group of people who made "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" a campaign slogan.  As is customary whenever I read about the latest antics of the vice president of the most powerful nation the world has ever known, I wonder, "How did Obama and the DNC ever choose this guy to be Obama's VP?"  I think I know their reasoning.  I'll sum it up in a slogan:

"Joe Biden:  Better than Kevlar!  Able to stop an assassin's bullet before it leaves the barrel of the gun!"

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