Friday, September 21, 2012

What We Need Is Common Sense Redistribution

There's been a lot of kerfluffle this week about the surfacing of various video/audio clips featuring Mittens and Dear Leader.  Barry is starring in a 1998 clip where he states his support for the concept of income redistribution.  Google "obama income redistribution".....go ahead, I'll wait..

What you found was a bunch of hysterical talking heads on the right babbling endlessly about this "breaking news".  Along the same lines, here is tomorrow's breaking news...

  • The sky is blue
  • It gets dark at night
  • Kittens are cute
Look, if you needed to hear that piece of 14 year old audio to believe that Dear Leader favors income redistribution, then you haven't been paying attention.  The man is a committed socialist, hell-bent on destroying the free market and individual liberties characteristic of this country.  Lean in closely to your screen.....


If you believe in something, if you love it with your heart and your soul, you don't want or need to fundamentally transform it!  How much clearer can the man make it?????   Wake up people!

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