Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Musings With The Crew

This week's edition of Monday Musings has it, violence, insanity..... and maybe, just all time favorite video clip!  Here we go!

  • We've all been there right?  Driving around with your significant other, and idle chitchat turns into a heated argument.  That's what happened in Florida recently to Yvonne Martinez and her boyfriend, Ricardo Davis.  Things escalated a little past the norm for these two however, and the discussion ended when Davis bit off his girl's left thumb and spit it out onto the floorboard of the car.  What kind of choppers must this guy have?  Yikes!
  • Speaking of toothy creatures on the loose, 15,000 head of livestock from a South African farm escaped last week due to floodwaters from a nearby river.  Did I mention it was a crocodile farm?  A spokesman for the largest U.S. crocodile farm said this kind of thing could never happen to them because..."The Potomac will never rise far enough to threaten Capitol Hill".  
  • Wrangler has introduced a line of jeans that contain moisturizers like apricot oil and shea butter in the fabric.  Reputed to reduce itchy dry skin during the winter, the "spa denim" jeans are available for women only at this time.  Wrangler is considering a men's line of the jeans, no word yet on whether they will be packaged together with a white tube sock.  
  • This is Mikel Ruffinelli.   The Los Angeles woman was recently certified by the World Record Academy as having the world's largest hips.  All I can really say about this is the folks at the World Record Academy need to spend some more time at WalMart.  Ms. Ruffinelli is a bronze medalist at best.  
  • More crocodile news....A Minnesota lawyer has had his law license suspended after he had a torrid affair with a woman he was representing in a divorce case.  Oh yeah, he also billed the woman for the time they spent having sex.  While his law license is suspended, Thomas Lowe plans to combine his two careers and see clients at the Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas. 
  • And here it is, maybe my all time favorite video clip.....   All of us learned as youngsters that nature can be harsh and violent.  You know, watching the leopard drag down the gazelle on Wild Kingdom, or even seeing the neighbor's cat pluck a sparrow from a shrub.  All of us that is....except this guy...........

Somewhere....Lennie Small is screaming!

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