Monday, January 14, 2013

Aren't Unintended Consequences Fun?

At least one segment of the economy is in absolute afterburner here in Secondtermica, the firearms industry.  One month after Newtown, as the nanny staters and progressive tyrants spool up their anti-gun crusade, guns and ammo are flying off shelves all across the country.  Prices going up, inventories going down, long waits for product, etc etc.  I went to my local range this past weekend to do a little practice shooting.  Inside the range was the typical "Employee of the Month" pictures on the wall.  The January frame held a lovely portrait of Senator Dianne Feinstein!

Not to be outdone, Senator Schumer (D-NY) came out Sunday to plead with retailers to voluntarily suspend sales of certain types of firearms pending further congressional action.

I am anxiously awaiting President Obama's urgent call to Ford and GM to suspend sales of all automobiles until Congress can decide what to do about the 30,000 deaths their products inflict on unsuspecting citizens each year.


  1. My husband and I added to our collection last weekend. Sig Sauer can thank the headless Dems and their absurd legislative proposals for the revenue.

    The gun shop was packed. Literally had to wait for counter space, wait for employee help, squish between the rows of people. Wall racks for long guns were mostly empty. We were fortunate to get the last ones of what we went for: Sig 239 and Sig 938. Chk-chk.

  2. I had similar experiences here in KC Jill. Been like that, oh I don't know, since November 6th maybe. That 938 is a fine looking little piece, I'm jealous!

  3. She's awfully comfortable in my hand. Or in my holster.