Sunday, January 27, 2013

Remarkable Honesty From CBS- Dump The Constitution!

Hey, who ever said that mainstream media was disingenous and deceitful in their true objectives?  Well, I have, but I digress.  This morning on CBS's Sunday Morning show, the network pulled back the curtain on their disdain for our heritage.  Charles Osgood aired this video clip from a Georgetown Constitutional Law professor on how we would all be better off by dumping that nasty old Constitution....

Let me just ask one question here.....what the hell is with all these "Constitutional Law" professors who have utter disdain and contempt for the Constitution?  For crying out loud, we elected one President.....twice!  If you are writing a tuition check to Georgetown and your child is in Constitution 101 with Professor Seidman, how are you feeling right about now?

In Seidman's ludicrous commentary, he says we wouldn't want France or the United Nations governing us.  Umm, Lewie baby, you do realize that what keeps such things from happening is in fact, the Constitution right?

Maybe Seidman should pay a little more attention to that "just woke up under the overpass" facial hair of his, and leave my damn Constitution alone!

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