Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Choose Death!

Doesn't that sound like an uplifting message for a license plate?

According to Fox News, apparently a federal judge in North Carolina feels the license plate displayed above is unconstitutional.  US District Court Judge James Fox has ruled the license plate violated the first amendment because North Carolina does not offer a similar product with an opposing view point. Here's a sample for them!

I'm sure that they won't have any trouble putting this on a license plate.  Again, I show my ignorance of the first amendment because, doggone it, I just cant find the opposing viewpoint provision. I see the part that talks about congress shall make no laws establishing a religion, but absolutely nothing about that says a state cannot put a slogan on a license plate.  Particularly one that has nothing to do with religion.  

So by this logic, a state would not be able to have a license plate that says "Say No to Drugs!" unless it offered one as well that looks something like this:

I just want to make sure that I have it straight...

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