Monday, December 17, 2012

The Gun Debate- Must Watch Video Of The Year!

In the wake of the Newtown, CT shootings last Friday, I have struggled with what to say in this space.  If you are reading this, you probably already know that the right to keep and bear arms has no bigger supporter than me.  Rather than have me rehash the gun control debate with you, I want instead to share this video from a SACSTW favorite.  Ladies and gentlemen, the brilliant Kira Davis..........


  1. 2nd amendment has NOTHING to do with says that as long as there may be a need for its citizens to form a militia then you can own a gun. It was meant for farmers and other citizens who would gather to form the militia when needed. We HAVE a military so people no longer need brain dead bitch

    1. You have clearly never read the 2nd Amendment...don't comment until you can speak factually. Also, the name calling diminishes anything you have to say. It's okay to disagree, it's small and petty to call someone you disagree with disgusting names. Grow up!

    2. Quick, let's run down the liberal bomb-thrower checklist..

      1) Historical inaccuracies.....CHECK
      2) Mangled logic.....CHECK
      3) Ad-hominem attacks......CHECK

      Seriously, what a disappointing comment. Sahib and I pride ourselves at never deleting/editing comments. We want everyone's opinions to have a voice. As the other commenter accurately noted, it is OK to disagree, particularly here at SACSTW. I would love to have a meaningful discussion of the right to keep and bear arms with you, but you are going to have to elevate your game.

    3. "We have a military so people no longer need guns"...

      ...speaking of being "brain dead".

    4. So another brain-dead Liberal resorts to calling names. Vile names.

      And completely misrepresents the Second Amendment by confusing "Militia" with Military.

      The Militia, at the time the Constitution was written, is different than the Army or Navy, the Military at the time.

      But hey, don't let your ignorance get in the way.

      And of course, using ad-hominems really makes your point.

      Well, if that point is "I'm an emotional Liberal and I can't handle the fact that I can't refute what you say. Let me deflect/distract/straw man/red herring/etc., and call you names (ad-hominem) because I'm too immature to admit I might be wrong."

  2. Excellent response to "Anonymous" from The Crew and others but I would like to add my two cents:

    1. Kira Davis is black.
    2. Kira Davis is a woman
    3. Kira Davis is a conservative

    That's engenders the triple crown of vitriol and hate from the left.

    1. Apparently so. Liberals hate it when you are "black in skin color only."

      I welcome Ms Davis' viewpoints.

      On the other hand, Anonymous, the coward, can go suck eggs in the corner until he/she grows up.