Friday, November 4, 2011

An Open Letter to BalmerLiberal

World War II Memorial - sans plaque
Artist rendering of WWII Memorial with plaque

This open letter is a response to a lively Twitter discussion that occurred earlier today.

Dear BalmerLiberal-ParkyBill (or Moonbat Bill as the Crew and I affectionately refer to him),

I hate herky-jerky conversations on Twitter or texting, so I thought I would write you this letter.  I retweeted a post about the Obama administration's objections to a plaque with FDR's D-day prayer being added to the World War II memorial in Washington DC.  I did so without editorial comment.

Here was our exchange:
MBB:  "Why must fools throw Jesus at everything? Your own faith not enough for you?"
Sahib:  I was somewhat taken back by the apparent vitriol of your comment.  I responded with, "Have you READ the prayer? No mention of Jesus I could find."
MBB:  "Nope. Haven't read it. No reason to."
Sahib:  "Are you familiar with the historical significance of the prayer?"
Sahib:   "Do we need to scour the MLK memorial for mentions of God too?"
MBB:  "Wasn't MLK's first name 'The Reverend'?"
MBB:  "Did the designers of the memorial ask for it to be there?"
Sahib:  "So memorials can never be modified?  The original FDR memorial is the size of a desk."
MBB:  "Was the FDR memorial modified after it was built?"
Sahib:  "You could say that."
MBB:  "That was neither a yes or no.  Was FDR monument modified AFTER it was built?"
Sahib:  (Pulling your chain) "Sort of."

After this, you either had to go or were done with me.  As is the wont of you and you lib brethren, when losing a debate, you change the focus of the debate.  We began with religious implications and then switched to the concept that memorials and monuments, once dedicated, are inviolate and prohibited from modification.

In the interest of brevity, I will jump right to the most emotionally charged of all memorials, the Vietnam War Memorial.  Guess what?  It has been modified THREE times since its original dedication in 1982.  All by different designers than the original memorial.  And guess what else Bill?  The last modification was.... wait for it.... a PLAQUE!

Come on Bill, we both know the issue here.  It is because it's (GASP!) a prayer.  If it was simply FDR's D-day address, not a single one of you on the left would have batted an eye.

I hope you and your wonderful wife have a great weekend!

Your friend,

PS. In the interest of full disclosure, there are actually two FDR memorials.  To my knowledge the original has never been modified, but it has been replaced.  FDR never wanted a big memorial.  He said he wanted nothing bigger than his desk and the original memorial honored his wishes.


  1. Weep no more my lady. I got involved in another project and didn't get back to Twitter until this morning. Memorials should be left to the designers. If the original designer (while still alive) wants to make a change to it... groovy. If the committee responsible for the memorial wants to change it in some way, and agrees amongst itself? Groovy. If a bunch of right wingers want to start slapping prayers onto everything and the designers or committees in charge say "no." Cowboy up. You were told "no." Quit your whining and get back to trying to force kids what to pray and trying to teach them that dinosaurs and man roamed the earth at the same time, about 6,000 years ago.

  2. Sorry it took so long to respond. I spent all day yesterday at my oldest's very first wrestling tournament.

    I have democratic proposal. Why don't we let the people the memorial is meant to honor decide? Why don't we let the remaining WWII veterans vote on it?

    Surely you can support that. Come on, I dare you.

  3. I was going to attempt a response but I got busy cramming religious agendas down my children's throats. My son painted a lovely picture of Adam and Eve with their pet brachiosaur, and my daughter has nearly memorized the book of John this week. The life of a homeschool mom, forcefully converting the world one child at a time!

  4. @Rabbit

    Do you smack her knuckles with a ruler each time she gets a verse wrong? That or locking them in a dark closet works great for my boys.