Monday, November 28, 2011

A Long, Thoughtful Look Back At The First 100 Days

SACSTW recently oberved its 100th day of existence.  During the first few days, Sahib and I wondered if the two of us would be the only readers.  As of today, SACSTW has reached thousands of readers spread across 24 countries and 5 continents.  From Latvia to Brazil, Norway to Australia, SACSTW is spreading across the globe like a Justin Bieber Youtube video.  Sahib and I are proud of what SACSTW has become, and I am most proud that it took over 100 days for Justin Bieber to be mentioned in these pages! (I (Sahib) am most proud that we haven't done one 10,000th of the damage to the country that our Dear Leader did in his first 100 days.)

Sahib and I are political junkies, but what we love even more is humor.  We hope you have laughed along with us as we lampoon and parody our way through the political landscape of Obamerica.  Remember, even in the silliest of satire there are lessons to be learned, points to be made.  All opinions are welcome here, share yours with the world by commenting on the blog, or email us at  Most of all continue to be a part of the SACSTW community by visiting regularly and telling your friends about the great time to be had at Sahib and the Crew Save The World!


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