Friday, November 11, 2011

I Fought For You: Required Viewing

Sahib and The Crew would like to thank all members of the military past and present for your service and sacrifice for our country and all our families. I (Sahib) would particularly like to thank my grandfather (WWI - Battle of Belleau Wood veteran), my wife's grandfather (WWII - Normandy Invasion veteran), my father (Vietnam), my father in-law, and my friends Carla, David, Jason, Michelle, Phil, Scott, Scott R., Steve I., and Steve M. Oh, and I almost forgot BalmerLiberal. Your service is appreciated more than you know.

 Please take a few minutes and watch this wonderful video in honor of all our veterans.

Added by the Crew:
Thanks to Sahib for this great Veterans Day tribute.  People all over the world, not just here at home, owe their freedoms to the American soldier.  From Poland to Kuwait, tens of millions live in freedom as a result of the bravery and sacrifice of America's military.  I would like to thank the veterans in my life, starting with my late father and father-in-law.  Brothers-in-law Rick, Mark, and Aric.  Niece Amanda.  Friends Carl, Kris, Chris, Robert, Roger, Howard, Verne, and John.  Many clients too numerous too mention....thanks to you all!

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  1. weeping. Thank you, brave veterans, and all who are actively serving today.