Thursday, August 6, 2015

Democrats Love Vermin!

No, I'm not referring to the president...

Leading Democrat candidate Vermin Love Supreme

Apparently, Hillary, Creepy Uncle Joe, and Commander Kerry are not the only Democrat presidential candidate retreads who are running or are considering running for president.  Sahib and Crew favorite Vermin Love Supreme is throwing his boot, err hat, into the ring.  (He has the boot to this day!)

Running on a platform of a free pony for every American, time-travel research, mandatory dental hygiene, and zombie power, Mr. Supreme appears to be one of the more lucid candidates running for the Democrat nomination.  As he perfectly illustrates in the video below of a debate from his 2012 presidential run.

Of course when these are your choices...

This guy doesn't seem so bad...

However; I must disagree with Mr. Supreme on one point.  Given the moral bankruptcy of the Democrat party, he may be Vermin, but he is hardly Supreme.

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