Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Musings With The Crew

This week's edition of Monday Musings starts with breaking news!  Do yourself a favor and sit down........Bill Maher actually said something funny!  Of course he did it unintentionally while delivering his quasi-serious political analysis......   but it was still hilarious

Maher:  "You know who the role model of every President should be?  Jimmy Carter.  Because he is the one out of all of them who figured out how to sit in office for 4 years and never fire a shot."

Look, I've got nothing personal against Jimmy Carter.  He served his country in the Navy, and by all acounts is a kind man.  He was also (until the WH's current occupant came along) the worst President in the history of our nation.  Guess what happens when a President is weak and "never fires a shot"?  Stuff like this.....

Speaking of Dear Leader, he has really sunk to a new low.  He trotted out Francine and David Wheeler, parents of a child killed in the Newtown shooting, to deliver his weekly radio address.  Exploiting a family's pain for political gain is nothing short of reprehensible, but about what we have come to expect from Barack Hussein Obama.   

Big kudos to Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) who addressed this issue on the Senate floor, and has started a campaign to gather the stories of those whose lives and families were defended and protected through the use of a firearm.  Project 2A has collected over 5000 such testimonials in a very short period of time.  Here is Senator Lee commenting on the Senate floor, it is powerful stuff.

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