Friday, March 1, 2013

Women Try Out Biden's Advice- Must Watch Video!

This just in to the SACSTW news desk.... Already planning for after he gets clobbered in the 2016 primaries by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden has started a company specializing in self-defense instruction for women.  We have obtained video of Joe's first class going through some firing drills.......

Please compare and contrast the clips of women firing Joe's weapon of choice, versus the eminently controllable and precise AR-15.

There appear to be a few flaws in the curriculum at the Biden School for Self Defense.  Certainly there are many women out there perfectly capable of operating a shotgun properly, SHEAL Teams 1 & 2 come to mind.  Is a double-barreled scattergun fired into the air the best SD technique for anyone?  Umm, no.  Joe Biden should just shut his yap when it comes to guns, and only bloviate on topics he IS an expert on.  Like spending other people's money.  

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