Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Breaking News- Hugo Chavez Reportedly Dead

News is breaking out of Venezuela that long-time whackadoodle President Hugo Chavez has died.  The 58 year old Chavez had been in poor physical condition for some time, and in poor mental shape for as long as anyone can remember.  Chavez's death is just one more blow to the exclusive "Heads of state that wear insane hats" club, of which Hugo was a charter member.

As the news of Chavez's passing filtered out of Venezuela, suicide prevention specialists were dispatched to the homes of Sean Penn and Danny Glover, lest they decide to whack themselves upon hearing the news.

More importantly, today's events bring to a total of 3 the number of despotic wingnuts who have assumed room temperature since the era of SACSTW began.  Perhaps the overwhelming logic and intellectual superiority of SACSTW was simply too much for their delicate psyches.  Much work remains to be done.....


  1. Today, the whole world lost a great man, a man who tame his energy to the service of man and humanity, everyone loved him, which is like "Guevara" , "Gandhi",,,"Mandella" and other honorable people on the world.

  2. Oh the world has lost a very strong leader who would voice out loud and clear against policies of the US and give them fitting defiance. Apart from Fidel Castro, he was the only other leader who showed the Americans their place. US would have surely invaded Venezuela too for their oil rich land but for his deft ideology that kept them at bay. May his soul rest in peace....

  3. Thanks for your interesting comments folks. I have a quick question for you.....If Hugo Chavez was such a great "man of the people", where did he get the 2 billion dollars he accumulated during his time in office?