Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Musings With The Crew

  • Something is happening in Philadelphia that should terrify you to your very core.  Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has directed the Philadelphia Human Rights Commission to investigate Philadelphia Magazine.  You see, the magazine dared to publish an essay about race relations that was authored by a white journalist and that contained quotes and opinions from white citizens of Philadelphia.  Mayor Nutter called the piece "disgusting", and described the white citizens quoted in the article as "too cowardly" to use their names.  Here's my opinion.......Mayor Nutter is just one more in a long line of race-baiting progressives who will do anything it takes to shut white people up.  He is despicable, intellectually dishonest, and a threat to every freedom-loving American of any color.  Read the Philadelphia Magazine article here, and decide for yourself.

  • Pew Research Center has released an interesting study of cable news outlets, comparing time spent reporting factual news vs time spent on opinion and commentary.  CNN led the way, spending 54% of its time reporting the news, and 46% opining about it.  Fox News was next, with 45% hard news and 55% opinion.  A distant third were the pyschopathic leftists at MSNBC, who spend 15% of their time reporting the news, and an astounding 85% of their time spewing filth about it.  Me? I think 15% sounds pretty high for MSNBC's actual news coverage.

  • Barack Obama, the great centrist, has nominated a hard left radical to fill his Cabinet's empty slot at Labor.  Tom Perez is a dangerous man, and should be allowed nowhere near a presidential Cabinet post.  Senate Republicans must derail this nomination at any cost.  Read more about Mr. Perez and the Inspector General's report on his gross misdeed's while at the Dept. of Justice here.  

I'd give her a million bucks in taxpayer funds
just to go away....
  • And then there's this......   The federal government has awarded a Harvard-associated hospital $1.5 million of Other People's Money (OPM) to research why lesbians are so fat.  According to the grant application, 75% of lesbians are obese.  Look, only one of two things can be happening here.  Either Rosie O'Donnell is just skewing the curve for everybody, or.....dare I suggest it.......maybe this is nothing more than the classic chicken and egg scenario.  

  • Finally, in a remarkable example of typecasting, Barack Obama is apparently playing Satan in the current History Channel hit "The Bible".  The big baddie himself showed up in last night's episode, and the internet exploded with the amazing similarity the character had to Dear is Glenn Beck's tweet on the topic.......                  

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