Friday, December 16, 2011

The Company You Keep......

One way to evaluate a President is by examining those he surrounds himself with, those he turns to for counsel, those he goes out of his way to support.  Let's turn that lens towards Barack Hussein Obama.

In March 2010, Jon Corzine became the CEO of MF Global, one of those gigantic brokerage firms that all the Moonbats were squawking about before it got cold outside.  20 months later, on Oct.31 2011, MF Global filed the 8th largest bankruptcy in U.S. history.  Oh and by the way, under Corzine's leadership approximately 1.2 billion dollars belonging to MF Global clients mysteriously "disappeared" after being comingled with company funds in violation of federal law.  At his recent appearance before Congress on the matter, Corzine meekly mumbled "I don't know what happened to the money".  

I bet the name Corzine is starting to ring some bells, right?  Didn't he used to be some big shot Democrat politician you ask?  Why yes Grasshopper, you are correct.  A former U.S. Senator (D-NJ) and former governor of New Jersey, Corzine was swept out of office in 2009 by Republican Chris Christie.  So, after driving the state of New Jersey into the ditch (literally), Corzine's brilliance led MF Global into ignominious bankruptcy and Congressional hearings within 20 months.  

What in the world does this have to do with Dear Leader?  I think I'll just let the administration speak for itself......

Ok, Ok, that is just a President working to keep a Democrat governor in office.  That doesn't mean Obama thinks Corzine is all that, right?   Not so fast ......

Is there any wonder that Dear Leader and his merry band of progressives has no idea how to get the U.S. economy back on track?  I wonder if any of the MF Global customers that lost over a billion dollars under Corzine's stewardship would agree that he is "the smartest guy in terms of the economy and finance".  Barack Hussein Obama and the company he keeps has driven our country to the very brink of disaster.  Time for a grown up to take the wheel.  Let's just pray it's not too late.

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