Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Musings with the Crew

With apologies to Jack Handey, it's time for another edition of Weekend Musings....

  • A multi-car pileup on a Japanese expressway involved 8 Ferraris, 1 Lamborghini, and several Mercedes, resulting in the most costly car accident of all time.  What is still not clear is why so many Democratic congressmen were driving together along the Japanese highway.  

  • NBC breathlessly announced that Madonna would provide the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl.  Scientists at NBC parent company GE are hard at work on the time machine that will be required to transport Super Bowl viewers back 15 years to when Madonna was relevant.  The Crew expects a significant "wardrobe malfunction" as part of the hoopla.

  • A 7 year old Boston boy is being charged with sexual harassment after he allegedly punched another boy in the groin.  His mother claims he acted in self defense after the other boy choked him while they were on the school bus.  As any of us males who have received such a sack tap can attest, there is nothing sexual about it.  In a related story, a 9 year old North Carolina student was suspended for sexual harassment as well.  His dastardly deed..... calling his teacher "cute".  Now, when I was 9, had I called my teacher cute I would not have been suspended for sexual harassment.  Rather, I would have been immediately referred to the local optometrist for a thorough vision evaluation.  Now, had I used the phrase "gnarly old hag".........

  • A high school principal in New York is under fire for this picture that was posted on her Facebook page.....the principal is the one on the right.   :))
Oh those wacky school administrators!

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