Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Imam Faces Execution in Israel

An Imam faces execution in Israel for refusing to recant his faith in Islam. How is that possible you ask? I haven't heard a thing about that on the news. If it was true, every news outlet in existence would be condemning Israel. The United Nations would be convening a special session to call for sanctions. Every Muslim nation in the Middle East would be threatening war. Again, how is it possible that this isn't plastered all over every news station, website, and smart phone on the planet?

You are correct. It isn't an Imam who faces execution in Israel, it is an Iranian pastor, Youcef Nadarkhani, who faces execution in Iran for his refusal to recant his Christian faith. And what do we hear? Crickets.... As of five minutes ago, only Fox News and MSNBC had any reference to this story on the front page of their websites. The New York Times, LA Times, ABC News, CBS News, and CNN had no reference to this story that I could find on the homepage of their websites. Fox News had the story prominently at the top of their homepage (second story listed) and MSNBC has it as the 10th story on their homepage. It is a story about President Obama and the US State Department comdemning Iran. Of wait, I'm wrong again. It is a story about House Speaker John Boehner condemning Iran. From our Dear Leader and his State Department cronies, again... crickets.

A Google search on the words "Obama Iranian Pastor" results in zero articles concerning Obama calling for clemency and five articles concerning leaders urging Obama to take a stand. Devoted readers, how many of you think our president will take a courageous stand on this travesty? This time, crickets are deserved.

The thoughts and prayers of Sahib and the Crew are with Youcef Nadarkhani and his family. Unfortunately, the power and influence of the executive branch and mainstream media of the most powerful country on the earth are not.

Another example of the moral bankruptcy of the left in their dealings with the "religion of peace".

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