Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Musings With The Crew

  • Breaking News:  The Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI would resign the papacy effective Feb. 28, becoming the first Pope to do so since Gregory XII in 1415.  Benedict's successor will be elected by a conclave of cardinals, which interestingly enough is exactly how I got this job.  
  • Here's a question.....if the proper term is "African-American", why is February "Black" History month?
Give Mommy a little smoochie!
  • Kimberly Margeson raised a few eyebrows at a New York prison by laying an open-mouth kiss on her incarcerated son's mouth during a recent visit.  Was she just a little more lusty than current societal norms permit?  Not exactly.  She was actually passing sonny boy a few oxycodone pills via the lip-lock.  It's weird....she doesn't look anything like Alicia Silverstone!

  • It's official....I'm an old geezer.  I listened to the radio news guy list the big winners at last night's Grammy Awards, and I didn't recognize a single act.  
  • Nancy Pelosi made another remarkably incoherent appearance on Fox News Sunday this weekend.  A couple of the highlights...
    • She blamed the current sluggish economy on the previous administration.  I'm pretty sure she meant the one before that.
    • When host Chris Wallace asked Pelosi about gun control, the sage of San Francisco said this...  "We avow the First Amendment, we stand with that and say that people have the right to have a gun and defend themselves".  I feel much better knowing that great Constitutional scholars like Pelosi are entrusted with protecting my rights.  
  • In direct contrast with the idiot Pelosi is SecDef Leon Panetta.  Although he is on the opposite side of the political aisle from me, I've always found Panetta to be an earnest and thoughtful man.  His recent testimony in front of the Senate about the attack in Benghazi was remarkable.  Here is a clip of him answering Sen. Ayotte's (R-NH) questions about Dear Leader's involvement that night.  Take a look....

You can hear in his voice and see in his face the pain and disgust that Obama's dereliction of duty gives him.  Obama showed absolutely no interest in the fact that our consulate was under attack, and our Ambassador and 3 other brave Americans had been murdered.  Five years ago, I would have said that it wasn't possible for the President of the United States to be so callous and disconnected.  Today, in SecondTermica, it barely makes a ripple.  We take a lot of jabs at Dear Leader here at SACSTW, but that 2 minutes of video is all you need to know what a loathsome, traitorous human being currently inhabits our White House.

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