Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings With The Crew

Wow, I must still be on vacation time getting MM out so late in the day.  It's true, I have been holed up in the SACSTW Ozark hideaway for the last several days.  Being a primitive outpost, the hideaway has no TV or internet capabilities save for my cellphone.  However, since my cell provider (T-mobile) evidently has constructed its network in mid-Missouri from kite string and soup cans, I was effectively cut off from the civilized world.  But I digress.

  • Can a Bieber get a break?  Remember when Justin Bieber was a cute little Youtube sensation?  Yeah, me neither.  Fresh off his on-stage vomition a few weeks ago, the Biebs has adopted a new look that is part MC Hammer, part Sha Na Na, and part Eminem.  He performed at halftime of the Grey Cup (the championship game of the Canadian Football Leage) over the weekend in his native Canada.  Fortunately, the Canucks had the good sense to boo him mercilessly.  I really have only one thing to say to the Biebs.....turn your damn hat around, you look like an idiot.

  • Continuing the theme of misguided A-listers, Jamie Foxx's comments at the Soul Train awards have stirred the pot a tad.  The Academy Award winning actor opened his comments this way....
It's like church in here.  First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama!

have a look for yourself

  • With Foxx and Biebs losing their minds, at least you can settle in and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York without a care in the world, right?  Not so fast confetti breath.  Reports indicate that much of the confetti dropped on parade goers was shredded documents from the Nassau County Police Department.  Witnesses claimed that the strips of confetti contained Social Security numbers, addresses, bank routing numbers, etc.  Read more here.

  • Convicted killer Ronald Post has lost his latest appeal to delay his impending execution.  An Ohio judge denied Post's claim that his marked obesity (he weighs over 400 lbs) may cause him to experience severe pain during the execution.  Hmm.  I hope so.  

  • The official Crew nominee for the 2012 Darwin Award is 32 year old Edward Archbold.  Archbold choked to death after consuming dozens of live cockroaches in a bug-eating contest sponsored by a south Florida pet store. Wow, you'd think you would see people dropping dead in Waffle House parking lots everywhere! 

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