Sunday, May 15, 2016

What Have You People Done?

This blog was born in the crucible of the 2012 Presidential campaign.  Sahib and I spent years extolling the virtues of conservatism and limited government.  We lampooned and skewered big government statists no matter what party they called home.  Browse the archives if you don't believe me.

After several years, we concluded that our work was done.  Surely the political pendulum would swing back our way after the wreckage that has been the Obama administration.  The nation would turn to a Republican candidate who embraced and honored the Constitution, who recognized that the uncontrolled malignancy of the federal government is the biggest threat to the American dream.  Secure in this knowledge, I retreated to the Tibetan highlands to begin my pursuit of total consciousness.

Fast forward to two weeks ago.  I'm deep in study with the 14th son of the Lama, just about to reach Gunga Galunga...when from far over the mountain tops comes a plea for help, stabbing the darkness
with the light of a thousand suns.

I had no choice but to respond. After a three day burro ride down the mountain, I used my satphone to hastily arrange an extraction by SHEAL team 2.  Ten exhausting days of travel (OK, we actually spent 8 of them on a beach in Vanuatu) later, I arrived back at SACSTW headquarters and received the horrifying news.


I'm not going to rehash the whole primary process here.  Suffice it to say that GOP voters took a look at a leader who matched my description above, and tossed Ted Cruz aside like a stale doughnut. Blame it on open primaries, blame it on our reality show fixation, blame it on rampant syphilis...the bottom line is in the battle to defeat big government liberalism the Republican party will nominate a big government liberal.   

So I have come back.  Back to chronicle the insanity of a Trump-Clinton general election, back to implore voters and delegates to reconsider.  Until the gavel falls at the Republican National Convention there is still a chance to avert this disaster. 


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