Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Changes For Hollywood HOs Award....

One of our regular tasks here at SACSTW is awarding the Hollywood Hall of Shame award, or Hollywood HOs for short.  A brilliant creation of Sahib's, this award goes to the celebrity who best embodies the brain-dead, liberal-dogma spouting, narcissistic traits that we all have come to love in our Hollywood heroes.

I'm going to take some liberties today with Sahib's award, and announce a name change...     The Hollywood Hall of Shame award will now (at least for this week) be known as "The Miley".  I have a team of designers and sculptors feverishly working to produce a trophy, but can share this image of the prototype design with you today.....

Anyway, on with the countdown.  Several excellent contenders were vying for the very first Miley, but the judges selected Gwyneth "Fast and Furious" Paltrow.  The actress was an absolute menace on the roads this week, cutting off a school bus while riding her scooter with daughter Apple (don't get me started...).  Husband Chris Martin followed close behind on another Vespa, and the pair haughtily "zoomed" through traffic creating their own lane as they went.  Watch for yourself....

The Paltrow's narrowly averted making Applesauce out of their daughter, and in doing so are this week's Miley Award winners!

P.S.  I've never really gotten the "Gwyneth is so hot" thing.  Your thoughts?

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